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Virtual Ball Game

The History and the Rules

  • The Ball Game has been played in the dojo every week since the club begun. It teaches spatial awareness, coordination and teamwork.
  • The rules are very simple. Throw the ball at someone if you hit that person they are frozen until they are released.
  • To be released a person must be touched by a friend. Sensei, unfortunately, has to stand in Sumo Stance (Shiko dachi) until someone crawls under Sensei's legs.
  • This is an online version of that game.

How to Play

  • When the game starts the first person to join the game picks up the ball. They pick someone and throw the ball at their left arm, right arm or body.
  • The person is warned the ball is heading towards them. They block the ball by moving their left arm, right arm or body.
  • If they move the target part of the body they block the ball and get a point. They now have the ball.
  • If they are "hit" the thrower gets a point and the ball falls to the ground.
  • A player can only hold the ball for 10 seconds.
  • Anyone can pick the ball up.
  • Each game lasts just 2 minutes and can have a maximum of 10 players. The clock restarts when a new player joins the game.
  • Cyber-Sensei is alway online so you can have a game any time of the day or night.
  • Before you join the game you need to tell the other players your name and how you are going to throw ball. Otherwise you become a Mystery Player!