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Virtual Ball Game

The History and the Rules

  • The Ball Game has been played in the dojo every week since the club begun. It teaches spatial awareness, coordination and teamwork.
  • The rules are very simple. Throw the ball at someone if you hit that person they are frozen until they are released.
  • To be released a person must be touched by a friend. Sensei, unfortunately, has to stand in Sumo Stance (Shiko dachi) until someone crawls under Sensei's legs.
  • This is an online version of that game.

How to Play

  • When the game starts the computer will pick someone at random to throw the ball. That person has to pick someone and decide if they are going to throw the ball at their left arm, right arm or body. They then "throw" the ball.
  • The target person is warned the ball is heading towards them. they have to move there left arm, right arm or their body.
  • If they move the target part of the body they dogue the ball and get a point. They can now throw it at someone else.
  • If they are "hit" the thrower gets a point. The computer will ramdomly give the ball to someone else.
  • Before you join the game you need to tell the other players your name and how you are going to throw ball.