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24/07/2020: A Date For Your Karate Diary

Karate has been included as a sport in the Tokyo 2020 Olymics. This is an historic event and the New Zealand Disablity Karate Association aims to be there.

12/01/2018: ANZ is our Bank

We decided to use the banking services of ANZ. The facilities they provide best meet our needs.

Now we have a bank account we can sign agreements for insurance and hall hire, which are key to enabling us to opening the doors to the dojo.

19/12/2017: We Are Now A Registered Charity

The New Zealand Disability Karate Association is now a registered charity. This means we now open a bank account and get insurance, which means we are on track to open the dojo doors in the New Year.

Our Registration number is CC55053.

14/12/2017: Plain English Score

To ensure that everyone can easily understand what we say on the website. We have just had the whole website checked for readability. All pages have score an A!

13/12/2017: Quarterly Newsletter Subscription

The quarterly Newsletter subscription feature has been added to the Make a Donation page of the website.

The first newsletter will be out on the 1st January.

03/12/2017: New Training Page

A new page has been added to the website. It details the key areas of our karate along with a breakdown of what is expected of you at your first grading.

17/11/2017: Birthdays Appear on Journey Page

If a student has entered their date of birth on the account page their birthday will appear on the journey page. This so that that it can be celebrated at the dojo.

At NZ-DKA we believe that every aspect of a student's life is important and should be acknowledged.

15/11/2017: Printing Now Works On Popular Browsers

Buttons and menus are now removed and the background images are cleared so that printing can work regardless of the browser you use.

09/11/2017: Date Bug Fixed

Had a small problem with date entry in that you could end up with 00/mm/yyyy if letters were used. If that occurs now the system will use todays date.

05/11/2017: Phase One of Website has Completed