Class Location and Times

Khandallah Town Hall
Ganges Road

6pm until 7:30pm

First Friday of the month and then every Wednesday thereafter.

August Classes

Day Start End
Friday 3rd 6pm 7:30pm
Wednesday 8th 6pm 7:30pm
Wednesday 15th 6pm 7:30pm
Wednesday 22nd 6pm 7:30pm
Wednesday 29th 6pm 7:30pm

September Classes

Friday 7th September is our very first grading class. Parents remember to bring along your cameras!

Day Start End
Friday 7th (grading class) 6pm 7:30pm
Wednesday 12th 6pm 7:30pm
Wednesday 19th 6pm 7:30pm
Wednesday 26th 6pm 7:30pm

Latest News and Events

Very First Grading Class

7 September 2018

Friday 7th September is our very first grading class. This is a significant step in a karateka's journey. Very few people who start karate achieve this grade.
Please invite family and friends to help celebrate this amazing first step. Remember to bring your cameras!

Quick Karate Tip: True Progression

11 August 2018

True progression in karate comes from personal training not the dojo. Your learn techniques in the dojo that you can then practice in your own time.

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Filter News and Events by Year

8 August 2018

You can now filter news and events by year. Simply click on the year button and all the entries for that year will be displayed.